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“It is hard to find US-made products these days,” said a friend once. It could not be truer.

Think American made first.

Wake up and go– USA made!

We can all concur, the beginning of 2020 was not what we all imagined. Pandemic, unemployment, and dependence on other nations for the goods to fight this virus. The revelation of our countries vulnerability and how important it is to have a strong manufacturing base in the USA again should be an eye opener. Not having control of our supply chains put’s America’s healthcare and national security in grave danger. Doing business, as usual, has to be reevaluated to keep a strong America.

The last two decades many (US) firms have been outsourcing both knowledge-based and manufacturing work to third-party firms in other nations to take advantage of lower wages and operating costs. In so doing have made our manufacturing base fragmented and US vulnerable. 

America produces goods but at a fraction of what a strong economy should be doing.

5 Facts About Overseas Outsourcing, an article from 2012 on why the jobs left the USA. Read the full articles here: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/economy/news/2012/07/09/11898/5-facts-about-overseas-outsourcing/

What can we do to prevent this from happening again? 

Working together, could the politicians and corporations offshore sourcing jobs find a common ground to have products made back in the United States of America, make enough of profit for the shareholders, so the USA won”t be held hostage by other countries? Of course not! We the people must force the change otherwise history will repeat itself again.

Choose Go-USAmade!

The mission, gather information about “Made In The USA” brands/retailers.

The intent is to create an ongoing portfolio of companies producing USA made goods. Encourage the public to consider purchasing USA made products by rethinking the economic infrastructure that is based on production, not just service. 

When we buy American, we help to keep local businesses strong and support domestic job growth at the same time. If you’re in the “spirit of 1776,” want to support American small business, and send a message to US companies that are outsourcing take a moment to read what’s on the packaging.

The choice is ours. Buy local, to support your community for one. Before buying, look for “Made in the USA” sticker. Compare prices and quality. Help rebuild and untether our dependency on others or face the same scenario in the next crisis. 

Great article: https://rooseveltinstitute.org/six-reasons-manufacturing-central-economy/ Six Reasons Manufacturing is Central to the Economy

Someone told me that it might be like “looking for the Holy Grail.” or “Good luck with that.” My hope is that others like-minded will follow, support, share “Made in the USA” vision again. Might as well start now! Believe me, the politicians and corporations will be watching.

Go-USAmade does not advocate for any company, product, nor locating the best deals. The site is more about “awareness,” a knowledge base of goods producers and job creators in the USA.

Please take a look at the USA Made Products tab. You might find USA made products that you did not know existed. 

Look for future posts on my adventures and discoveries in shopping for “Made in the USA.” Bookmark our page and follow us on facebook @gousamade.

I would love to hear your thoughts. if you are perusing and see a ”Made in the USA” product that is not on this list, send a message when you have the time so we can add to it.

Best wishes,
Mark Mski,