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Made in Antioch, IL. Birthplace and home of the inventor of the first outdoor gas grill.

Modern Home Products was founded in the 1950’s by Walter Koziol. His company introduced the first outdoor gas grill to the consumer in 1960. The round design grill was a 22 1/2″ in diameter with a hood that was a standard design for charcoal grills of the period. The brand name was “Perfect Host”. Then in 1963 introduced the first rectangular painted steel gas grill with a hinged lid, a better and more efficient grill concept. By 1964 Koziol began producing the first rectangular cast aluminum grill with a hinged lid. It remains the industries most popular design to this day.

Being first in outdoor gas grills, residential gas lighting and replacement parts carries a certain responsibility to develop the highest quality product.

My personal tale with The MHP WNK grill!shrimp, steak, vegetables on a grill

ACT I: A man steps out into the great outdoors. On a mission. To grill for his family a meal of extraordinary proportions. He has just procured one of the elite grills on the market, “the MHP model WNK4,”

ACT II: The man flaunting the prowess of this black beauty with dual grills, solid grates made of solid carbon, that can serve for grilling meats on one side and when turned over can serve to grill vegetables and such. A lifetime guarantee and the most proud aspect of this grilling phenomenon was that it was made proudly in the USA.

ACT III: The time has come, to get this stunning outdoor black beauty to perform. By the way, the WNK4 would make any caveman groan with envy.

ACT IV: Feel the excitement in the air, the bystanders are anticipating a culinary experience. The air is tense— excitement only felt during the Fourth of July.

ACT V: The finger, with shaking anticipation draws nearer the nicely designed igniter button. It is presses, the ‘Discovery” is taking off. The clicker clicks once, twice, three times. NOTHING!  Try again, NOTHING! The air has left the room. Hecklers from the third row start, how embarrassing and disappointing. A silent scream ‘damn.’

ACT VI: All is not lost, option two. The little label, under step 5 , says use a long wooden match to start if all fails. Boom we have take off. In 5 minutes the grill is at 450 degrees an in no time the food is on. Loin off pork rubbed with @Last Green Valley Garlic Growers, garlic, pepper seasoning. Skewered shrimp surrounded with pineapple and seasoned with garlic, lemon, and pepper seasoning. Also, using the reverse grill for some onions to go with the pork. The cooking temp and equal heating across the unit was amazing.

ACT VII:  The food is cooked in no time, served with a side of rice pilaf, salad and warmed buns. All was not lost! It was delicious and all hecklers satisfied! A catastrophe diverted, cavemen satisfied! Picture speak for themselves. All is good, WNK 4, friend.

ACT VIII: Igniter switch replaced the next day. Going on six years with this puppy.

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