Don’t be like sasquatch — groom yourself.

I loved using using my new “face recognition” app. The cliche “when you look good, you feel good” applies to this wild man.
sasquatch trimming beard

Covid-19 and social distancing has created hairy monsters of all of us that could be cast in a Hollywood movie. One way or another, from head hair, facial hair, nose hair, to ear hair; the daily rituals of waking up, preparing for the day, whether visiting a client, family, or just looking presentable has been thrown out the window and follicles are running rampant everywhere. The mirror doesn’t lie; the lawn has not been taken care of at regular intervals. As we get into the phases of reopening our lives, complacency and laziness has become the norm and eventually the life of riley will become a memory.

trimmer kitMy partner in life and personal hair stylist mentioned that I should be getting a package soon. Did not say what though. It came in, I opened it up. To my surprise it was a Model 5022 Wahl Beard Trimmer/Nose/Ear Detailer. At that point I put the package aside and made a mental note to revisit when I had some time. My schedule was too busy to tackle this chore at the moment. Not!

Hmmm! I wonder if there was a message here? She hasn’t called me sasquatch but hints of “you are looking older” was mentioned more than a few times. Don’t get me wrong, sasquatch looks groomed all the time. His body and facial hair are always neat and where they are supposed to be from the pictures. I wonder if he grooms regularly?

Fast forward! Four days later it was time. The trumpets were playing, the clouds opened up and the sun came through. The mirror awaits; a new beginning, the phoenix will rise again. But! Before I start the reconstruction I needed to know the origin of this puppy. My personal hygienist knows that I would prefer anything Made in the USA over others. Went to and to my utter joy it was a USA made product. This will be a happy occasion.

Here’s what I learned about Wahl.

Wahl has been in business for 100 years and the standard for grooming products used by barbers and hairdressers all over the world. Professionals and home users have relied on our innovative clippers, trimmers and personal care products for an entire century.

In 1911, Leo J. Wahl discovered the electromagnetic motor. He realized that he could use this kind of motor to make a medical massager for his uncle, J. Frank Wahl. As a student, Leo designed the massager and Frank began manufacturing them in a small plant in Sterling, Illinois.

Leo began selling this invention to barbershops. He recognized a need for improving barber tools by using this type of motor. In 1919 he took over the business and founded Wahl Clipper Corporation. Since then, the company has been the leader in the hair grooming industry. Still headquartered in Sterling, Illinois, USA.

Today their products are sold in approximately 165 countries worldwide, providing jobs for over 3,300 employees worldwide. Made in the USA; any sasquatch would be proud to use their products.

The bottom line_____I loved using using my new “face-recognition” app. Even cut, beautiful cross cut; no hair catching. Used the beard guides for the goatee. Worked great! Charger comes with it but it was fully energized. The cliche “when you look good, you feel good” applies to this wild man. I even got a facial hand pass from the boss.

Learn more, visit: because “we are not animals.”


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