Adventure in home dehumidifier buying.

Dehumidifiers Made in the USA? Not!
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Call it an obsession, but I was going to buy a USA made dehumidifier for my home when my old Crosley Conservator dehumidifier went to dehumidifier heaven after 12 years of service.

The search begins! I started with the big box stores (Lowes, Home Depot), just to see what they offer. Everything was made in China: Frigidaires, Toshibas, Honeywell, GE, Hisense, LG, Keystone, homelabs, Friedrich, on and on.  One thing I noticed: 1) it was hard to find the make of origin on the packaging, really had to look. 2) some false advertising, using USA colors and flag in an icon to get people like me to notice, but underneath it states ‘Official sponsor of US Soccer Association.”

Crusade continues.

From the parking lot I searched for local appliance dealers and put in a call to see if any of them had such a beast ”Made in the USA.” Here’s what I got! “We have humidifiers, all made in China, there might be a few that are made in Mexistate or Canadastate, chuckle. If you find one we would love for you to call us back, we would be interested in carrying.”

live chat box textlive chat box textUpon returning home, proceeded to google it (dehumidifiers made in the USA and every other combination)! The search results came in, all the companies from above and a myriad of others came up. Notice “Made in the USA” for search criteria. After looking at individual companies and models; found one of interest, checked on website, specs etc. None had anything to do with USA made but they showed up. Google needs to refine their search, me thinks! From the sites proceeded to calling companies directly as well as live chats to ask where their dehumidifiers were produced. Same thing over and over. Checked Amazon, (dehumidifiers made in the USA) and review websites (which for certain would try to push the USA Made. Not a mention.). Same companies. 

Getting frustrating.

Moved up a notch to see if there are any industrial dehumidifiers made in the USA that might be affordable. Don’t bother. They all start above 1K and up. But some are being made here especially commercial building type. Out off price range for the purpose of keeping my basement moisture free.

Mind you this has been going on for three days. The humidity is getting higher. I was going to find one! Hate to report to all, there is no such thing. China, China, China, Mexico, China, China, Canada, China. From my findings, there is room for a start up dehumidifier company that would do well with these humidity sucking beasts if they were Made in the USA!

Quandry! How long will I search? Pride be damned and get what is out there so my basement in “this old house” doesn’t get dampness and mold infested. My decision was made for me by my partner in life. “Don’t spend any more time researching, apparently there are none. We need one now!”

Sad for me — but good for you! I just saved three days of someone’s life who was in the same mindset “Made in the USA” dehumidifier purchase — by going through this frustrating process to calm my obsession and support US jobs. You’re welcome!


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