Goodwear USA. Part of the 2%.

Goodwear produces comfortable classics with timeless style.

Today only about 2% of clothing sold in America is actually being made here. That’s right, 98% of the clothing that Americans are purchasing is coming from a foreign country.

Not this one!

Frustrated with the low-quality and super lightweight shirts available at the time, Stephen Liquori developed a durable and heavy-weight t-shirt that could hold up. He opened a store on Newbury Street in downtown Boston in 1983, and Goodwear USA — an American-made clothing company was born.

True to its roots, Goodwear produces comfortable classics with timeless style. Always made in the USA from US-grown cotton and hemp. Goodwear has developed a cult following around the world for its superb quality and durability.

  • Short-sleeve shirts
  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Sweatshirts

Looking for relaxed comfort and contemporary style, USA-Made clothes from a top-quality clothing brand visit:

Why purchasing Made in USA Clothing matters.

Made in the USA can not be simply defined as just a product made in the USA. The phrase is synonymous with high quality goods, a low environmental footprint, and fair labor practices. These three positive characteristics are what make up the phrase ‘Made in the USA’.


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