Pets for veterans: America’s VetDogs Treats

Tell your pet they are supporting our veterans.
Vet Dogs Treats packaging

Todays mission, twofold: find a dehumidifier made in the USA and pet treats. The dehumidifier drama is for another time. But the treats to keep our fur balls happy I can attest to now.

We all have our favorite local pet store or feed store we like to support, I was in another town so stopped in an Agway on the way to look for the morsels. Alas, myriad of pet treats available, hundred foot wall of goodies; confusing, yes. To simplify the matter — look for the brand we always buy first; petite and hard treats to keep the teeth clean. No go! Kick into plan B, start looking at all the brands and make a wise decision for approval once back home. This is going to take awhile. There are large, small, petite, chicken, beef, exotic combinations, nice packaging, and not so nice to evaluate. Companies that tell all; from origin (whether produced in their kitchen to country) and why their ingredients are best for “Fido.” While others are very subtle in their descriptions.

VetDogs treats back packagingSimplify! Made in the USA brands only. Got easier, not to many to choose from. Came across this brand, never bought before, ‘keep your dog’s skin and coat, soft and shiny,’ soft treats. Not hard! Hmmm! Their packaging and message struck a chord. America’s Vet Dogs Treats, each bag of treats helps to make a difference in the lives of America’s military heroes. Sold me! The packaged screamed USA made. Let’s see if the pooches will like.

The three amigos, a Pom and two mini Aussies met me at the door. It’s treat time, dad! Upon telling them there is a surprise; letting them sniff the package for approval, the big encore, a taste test. Houston we have lift off, no hesitation,  APPROVED! I guess these treats will be in our life from now on.

Visited the website to learn more. You should also. The story and the mission is worthwhile knowing about and following. If you have canines in your life and the love they bring to you and your family, imagine what the VetDogs bring to our disabled vets who served. If you’re in the patriotic state-of-mind buy the product to support the cause.

The dehumidifiers made in the USA story coming in the near future. Follow us.

If you have favorite pet food/treat Made in the USA, pass us a comment.




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