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Awareness! The purpose — gather information about “Made In The USA” brands/retailers.

America produces goods but at a fraction of what a balanced economy should be doing. The intent is to create an ongoing portfolio of companies producing USA made merchandise. Encourage the public to consider purchasing USA made products by rethinking the economic infrastructure that is based on goods, not just service. America has been outsourcing to foreign countries for decades and it has made US vulnerable.

Go-USAmade does not advocate for any company, product, nor locating best deals. The site is more about “awareness,” a knowledge base of good producers and job creators in the USA. The choice is ours.

“Global trade is based on not just services”—Paul Krugman

Mike Lindell holding pillow

My Pillow

Admit it, we’ve all seen the commercials. It started in a dream; in it was the idea of inventing his own pillow. The company was

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